February 5, 2018


Jag brinner för att göra bakverk och recept som alla kan lyckas med. Jag är matskribent med inriktning på kakor och har drygt 15 års erfarenhet av att skriva recept, styla och hålla kurser. Läs mer om mig här. Vill du hyra min matstudio i Hornstull hittar du mer info här.

KONTAKT: mia.ohrn@gmail.com

In English

Hi, I’m Mia.

The Swedish media calls me The Queen of Fika.

Fika is the most Swedish of concepts; Sitting down to relax with a cup of coffee with others and enjoying something sweet with it.

Fika is something we do daily – at work, after school, with friends or even alone when the fika spirit is upon us.

My own passion for baking started when I was a girl growing up in the Swedish countryside. There wasn’t much else to do, but baking became a favourite pastime. Could there be anything better than mixing butter, eggs, sugar and chocolate into an amazing delicacy that could inspire others?

Ever since then, I have been driven by this passion, to create simple and delicious recipes that everyone can follow, and everyone will like.

I have written close to twenty books about cakes and pastries. I have also written countless articles for magazines, arranged and held workshops and lectured on everything baking.

If you are curious about me, fika or Swedish pastries, I’d love to hear from you! mia.ohrn@gmail.com

PS Here’s a very simple recipe for a bite sized, quintessentially Swedish and scrumptious little fika condiment; CHOKLADBOLLAR. Easy to bake, chocolaty and delicious despite simple ingredients.


Makes about 20:
300 ml oatmeal
100 ml caster sugar
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
3 tablespoons strong, cooled coffee
100 g butter at room temperature
Possibly 1-2 krm salt

1½ dl of pearl sugar or coconut flakes

1. Measure out all ingredients (except pearl sugar and coconut flakes) in a food processor or bowl. Mix or work together to form a thick batter. Taste if you want to add a little salt or more coffee or cocoa.
2. Shape the batter into round balls and roll in pearl sugar or coconut flakes. Let cool in the fridge. The balls will keep for 2-3 weeks if kept refrigerated.

2 Responses to “Välkommen!”

  1. Joyce Jungclaus said

    The treats in your book look so amazing. I would love to taste each recipe. Is it possible to purchase your Cookbook in English??? If so I would love to have one!
    Please let me know. Thank you!!!

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